History of the Triumph Spitfire – Part 2

In our previous blog we talked about the first 2 of the 5 Triumph Spitfire models that were produced along time. Today we bring you the remaining 3 models:

Triumph Spitfire Mark III


The Triumph Spitfire Mark III was launched in 1967 and had several modifications in regards the Spitfire II. The bumper of the Mark III was changed in order to comply with the new car crash regulations. In the rear of the car, the over-riders of the bumpers were taken away and a standard reversing light was added to the car. The interior of the Mark III was improved with wood-veneer instrument surround. The Spitfire Mark III had an engine of 1.3-liter with 4-cylinders that produced 74 hp. It was produced until 1970.

Triumph Spitfire Mark IV


The Triumph Spitfire Mark IV was launched in 1970 with a complete renovation of the previous Spitfire designs. The most significant change of the Mark IV was the rear suspension of the car which was completely redesigned. The rear end of the car was cut-off and the front end was redesigned with a new bonnet. The interior of the vehicle was improved with a full-width dashboard.  The Spitfire Mark IV had a 1.3-liter engine with 4-cylinders that produced 63 hp. It was produced until 1974.

Triumph Spitfire 1500 


Launched in 1974 with a bigger engine and having modifications along time, the Triumph Spitfire 1500 was the last Spitfire model produced by Triumph.  In 1977 it was modified with reclining seats and head restraints. Also in the final years of fabrication, the Spitfire 1500 was modified with a wood dash in the interior of the vehicle.  The Spitfire 1500 had an engine of 1.5-liters with 4-cylinders that produced 71 hp. It was produced until 1974.


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