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The Sunbeam Harrington

The Harrington is not your average British car. In a country where British car spotting is a rare sport akin to bird watching, the Harrington

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1977 MGB

MGBs may have been at the forefront of driving technology during their original run, but standards have changed in the intervening 40 years. The “Safety

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MGB Chrome Bumper Conversion

In 1974, the US tightened legislation regulating safety standards on both domestic and imported cars. Clearly, Congress was dubious about MG’s “Safety Fast!” motto. As

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Tuning For Altitude

Planning a cross-country trip? Hoping to get your car up to 5,280 feet or considerably higher? We know all too well the pitfalls that come

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Supercharged Bugeye

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Compared to modern engines, the BMC A-series engine may be regarded as a puny, underpowered powerplant, with the largest variation topping out at 1275cc. This,

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