Lotus Elite, One of the Greatest Lotus Inventions

Lotus Elite (Type 14) Two-Seater


Lotus is one of the most prestigious British car manufacturers, and the Lotus Elite is one of the company’s amazing sports car that was launched at the London Motor Show. The main innovation of the Lotus Elite was its fiberglass monocoque construction.  This ultra-light two-seater coupé had a 1.2 L Coventry Climax Straight-4 engine which produced 105 hp. Also, it had a 4-speed manual transmission and independent suspension.

The Lotus Elite had great success in the 24 hours of Le Mans, winning the race six times. Besides Le Mans, the Lotus Elite has won numerous other races and championships, like the Australian GT Championship in 1960.

Lotus Elite Four-Seat (Types 75 and 83)


In 1974 Lotus produced the Lotus Elite Type 75 that was a 4-seat sports car. This 2-door hatchback used fiberglass for the hatchback body shell. With a 2-liter four-cylinder powerful engine, the Type 75 produced 155 hp.  With both options -5 speed manual transmission and 3 speed automatic transmission- the Lotus Type 75 and 83 had independent suspension. The Lotus Elite Types 75 and 83 was produced until 1982.

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