The Early Years of the Le Mans 24 Hours Race

Today we bring you the story of the first years of the oldest endurance sports car race in the world. This prestigious race takes place in Le Mans, France, every year since 1923.

The first 24 hours of Le Mans race took place on a  May 26th and the winner was the most consistent car after 3 years of consecutive races, one race each year. In 1928 everything changed and the winner was the car that covered more distance on a single race of 24 hours. In 1939, the 24 hours of Le Mans was cancelled for 10 years due to the World War II.


The 24 Hours of Le Mans After World War II

In 1949, the 24 hours of Le Mans race restarted on a reconstructed circuit that created more interest from car manufacturers to compete in the yearly 24 hour event. In 1953 the Sports Car Championship began, creating even more interest from prestigious car manufacturers like Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz, who started supporting the race by sending factory cars to compete.

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