Pre-Purchase Inspections

Would you buy a house without an inspection? Don’t take a chance on that great bargain in the newspaper, or worse yet, on the internet. Often times you are buying trouble and the car has cleverly been prepped to appear “too good to be true” at a “real steal”.

British Car Inspection

We will inspect your car to any level you request. Bring it to our shop or we can inspect your car on site at your location. Here’s what we can check and inspect:

    • Body — rust check, panel alignment, floor pans, correct parts
    • Brakes — lines, rotors, drums, calipers, wheel cylinders for wear and leaks
    • Clutch — proper free play, engagement, operation
    • Engine — correct parts, compression test, correct emissions gear
    • Electrical — voltage check, regulator, correct wiring
    • Fluids — correct lubricants and levels
    • Gauges — speedometer, tachometer, oil, gas, temperature, amps
    • Interior — seats, door panels, window winds, trim
    • Lights — front, rear, side lamps, bulbs, connectors
    • Suspension — shocks, springs, king pins, bushings, trunions, torque rods
    • Transmission — proper shifting, wear assessment, driveshaft u-joints
    • Wheels and Tires — correct equipment, wear, condition, wheel bearings
    • Road Test — idle, carb condition, shakes, noises, drivability, dependability

We give you a report with our professional assessment of the overall condition and value for your money. We list priority safety items to be addressed and repaired. We recommend additional items for repair or replacement based on your timeframe and budget.

Trust the professionals at Sports Car Craftsmen and buy with confidence. Don’t take a chance on costly repairs, missing or incorrect parts due to a lack of a pre-purchase inspection.

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