British Motor Trade Association Conference

Revisiting the basics

As an original member of the BMTA, we take an extremely active role in organizing and facilitating discussions among the British car community. As such, it was our honor to host the 10th annual BMTA conference in February 2012, which drew 42 companies from across the country to Denver for a weekend of seminars, tours, and talk. Centered on the theme of “Revisiting the Basics”, the conference surveyed the state of the British car industry, offering a series of seminars on the fundamentals of the business. The weekend culminated in an evening at Erico Motorsports, accompanied by a talk entitled “Three Significant Cars”. Over the course of the weekend, people from all facets of the industry – suppliers, retailers and media – were able to communicate freely and collaborate on new ways to reach out to customers and to each other. By all accounts, the weekend was a resounding success and we were thrilled to host such a revitalizing conference. We have been featured in numerous national publications, including Classic Motorsports Magazine (most recently March 2013, but also January 2007, September 2007, March 2008, September 2008, May 2009, March 2011 [twice], July 2011, November 2011 [three times], March 2012, July 2012), Austin-Healey Magazine (October 2010, January 2011), MGB Driver (2009), and The Denver Post (October 7, 2010). In 2012, the fine folks at The Fast Lane Car spent a day at the shop and produced a video about our shop and what we do here. Check it out!

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