1960 Austin Healey Sprite

One of the most distinctive body styles ever to grace a British sports car is the 1958-61 Mk I Sprite, known affectionately as the “Bugeye” due to its unique headlamp fairings. Motor enthusiasts and critics alike loved the looks and handling, but many though the original 948 cc engine was woefully underpowered at only 45 hp.

Amazing Transformations

In July 2005, after years of design and engineering effort, Moss Motors selected Sports Car Craftsmen as the first in the country to install and road test their new supercharger kit for 1275 Sprites and Midgets on a Bugeye. Details: Some of the modifications to this car include:

  • 1275cc MG engine rebuilt to original specs
  • Performance header and free flow exhaust
  • Nissan 5 speed transmission
  • Pertronix electronic ignition
  • Modern alternator
  • Electric cooling fan
  • Fuel cell
  • Competition seat belts
  • Front disk brakes
  • Suspension lowering kit
  • Performance wheels and aggressive tires

As a street-legal go-kart, this car is a blast to drive. The ability to “corner at speed” is one thrill not available with other cars. While diminuative, it holds a certain aesthetic appeal and as a “Bugeye in a Box” it was the center piece of the Colorado Conclave in 2007. It has made two cameo appearances since, but who knows when it will next pop up?

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